Introducing ourselves

Truck loading LeaOil was established in 1999 as a limited liability company (GmbH).

LeaOil is located north of Hamburg in Bargfeld-Stegen. That is about a half hour’s drive from the airport Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel away.

Our customers are mainly the owner or operators of refineries and tank farms.

A main field of LeaOil is the project management in the field of automation and visualization of loading facilities and vapor recovery units (VRU) in the petrochemical industry.

In addition to the planning and realization of automation systems for new loading facilities LeaOil analyzes also existing installations, develops concepts for their extension and/or modernization and realizes them with the involvement of the various specific conditions also.

One emphasis are truck loading facilities involving the usual periphery (measurement system, check-in pylon, scales, etc.). But also railcar loading facilities and ship loading facilities belong to the range of services from LeaOil.

Railcar loading The vast majority of these plants is equipped with systems for recovery of the vapors which are produced during the loading process. The knowledge of the procedural interplay between loading facility and vapor recovery unit and a consequent optimization of the automation of both installations as a common unit is a core competence of LeaOil.

LeaOil also offers its own standard software for the control systems of loading equipment.

LeaOil is discouraged before other challenges in the industrie. A waste water treatment for sepacial waste water from the shipbuilding industry in the Hamburg shipyard Blohm + Voss was automated and the process accompanied.

The workforce of the LeaOil is composed of experienced engineers and programmers together, which, in the majority active for around 20 years in the field of automation of loading facilities and vapor recovery units (VRU).


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